[2:49:44 AM] Meagan: hey m8

[2:51:02 AM] Abbey~: hi?

[2:51:27 AM | Edited 2:51:35 AM] Meagan: does your life revolve around lurking me and trying to hurt me?

[2:51:40 AM] Abbey~: ….

[2:51:52 AM] Abbey~: what have I done now?

[2:51:58 AM] Meagan: alec showed us lol

[2:52:08 AM] Abbey~: oh the facebook thing?

[2:52:15 AM] Meagan: oh nah, that’s about your cousin?

[2:52:40 AM] Abbey~: no, it’s about you, obviously

[2:52:52 AM] Meagan: yeah, what are you trying to prove?

[2:53:03 AM] Abbey~: my cousins wouldn’t do an idiotic thing like that

[2:53:05 AM] Abbey~: nothing?

[2:53:12 AM] Abbey~: just stating my opinions

[2:53:14 AM] Meagan: you’re obviously trying to prove something?

[2:53:21 AM] Meagan: you’re not better then meagan lol

[2:53:47 AM] Abbey~: I know.

[2:53:52 AM] Abbey~: and meagan isn’t better than me

[2:54:06 AM] Meagan: because she moved in with me doesn’t make her a slut

[2:54:14 AM] Abbey~: I never said that?

[2:54:23 AM] Abbey~: I never once called her a slut?

[2:54:27 AM] Meagan: because you havn’t experienced love, doesn’t mean shit lol

[2:54:30 AM] Meagan: you’re the anon

[2:54:33 AM] Meagan: it’s obvious

[2:54:34 AM] Abbey~: ….

[2:54:41 AM] Abbey~: no, I’m fucking not

[2:54:44 AM] Meagan: you are

[2:54:52 AM] Abbey~: maybe other people just find it fucking stupid aswell

[2:54:56 AM] Abbey~: because lets face it

[2:55:00 AM] Meagan: and if we were to get it traced?

[2:55:04 AM] Meagan: and if it turns up to you?

[2:55:13 AM] Abbey~: do it

[2:55:19 AM] Abbey~: because I have nothing to fear?

[2:55:23 AM] Abbey~: because I know it’s not me

[2:55:26 AM] Meagan: you just admit you’re making statuses about meagan

[2:55:29 AM] Meagan: and we have proof

[2:55:32 AM] Meagan: just by that

[2:55:32 AM] Abbey~: yes

[2:55:34 AM] Abbey~: and

[2:55:37 AM] Meagan: you’re cyber bullying

[2:55:43 AM] Meagan: you get fined more by that, then doing drugs

[2:55:44 AM] Meagan: lol

[2:55:57 AM] Abbey~: lol

[2:56:04 AM] Meagan: enjoy the fine lol

[2:56:07 AM] Abbey~: lol

[2:56:18 AM] Meagan: keep saying shit about her, you’ll just get charged more

[2:56:20 AM] Meagan: and

[2:56:20 AM] Meagan: more

[2:56:21 AM] Meagan: and

[2:56:22 AM] Meagan: more

[2:57:06 AM] Abbey~: I haven’t said shit about her, except for that one status, did I call her a slut? no, I didn’t, It wont count as cyber bullying because I didn’t call her any names, did I? no, I didn’t

[2:57:21 AM] Meagan: you keep thinking confident, it’s a good thing

[2:57:43 AM] Abbey~: ….

[2:57:54 AM] Abbey~: that doesn’t even make sense omfg

[2:57:58 AM] Abbey~: you’re trying to sound smart

[2:58:02 AM] Meagan: no

[2:58:03 AM] Meagan: you’re just

[2:58:04 AM] Meagan: wrong

[2:58:06 AM] Meagan: and it’s funny

[2:58:30 AM] Abbey~: you’re fucking life is funny, what 14 year old needs to live with their boyfriend

[2:58:38 AM] Meagan: you’re not talking to meagan lol

[2:58:42 AM] Meagan: and it’s actualy

[2:58:44 AM] Meagan: actually

[2:58:45 AM] Meagan: really great

[2:58:51 AM] Meagan: constant happiness

[2:58:56 AM] Meagan: what can possibly be wrong with that?

[2:59:02 AM] Abbey~: wrong with what?

[2:59:08 AM] Meagan: while you sit at home and “h8 lyf, need a bf so bad”

[2:59:43 AM] Abbey~: meagan was saying the exact same stuff before she met you, she even dated people online, wow, pathetic yeah.

[2:59:59 AM] Meagan: you’re like

[3:00:03 AM] Meagan: in a fake relationship

[3:00:06 AM] Meagan: which is

[3:00:09 AM] Meagan: rather fucking pathetic

[3:00:23 AM] Abbey~: no I’m not? awkward for you.

[3:00:26 AM] Abbey~: :c

[3:00:38 AM] Meagan: you were then

[3:00:49 AM] Meagan: basically every guy you’ve ever liked

[3:00:52 AM] Meagan: is off of the internet

[3:01:38 AM] Abbey~: oh I’m sorry, where did meagan first comunicate with you? the internet

[3:01:41 AM] Abbey~: l o l

[3:01:50 AM] Meagan: we didn’t actually talk

[3:01:50 AM] Meagan: and then

[3:01:53 AM] Meagan: that fete thing

[3:01:57 AM] Meagan: was in person

[3:02:27 AM] Abbey~: really, because that’s not what I got told :c your girlfriend lies, dude.

[3:02:45 AM] Meagan: you lie, dude

[3:02:49 AM] Abbey~: how?

[3:03:00 AM] Meagan: your whole friendship

[3:03:02 AM] Meagan: with everyone

[3:03:03 AM] Meagan: is a fucking lie

[3:03:03 AM] Meagan: lol

[3:03:11 AM] Abbey~: what does that even mean?

[3:03:32 AM] Meagan: i’m not going to bother with you

[3:03:44 AM] Meagan: say something about meagan on tumblr so the police will delete that too

[3:03:47 AM] Meagan: xx

[3:03:59 AM] Abbey~: oh, no reply, because you know I’m not a liar

[3:04:00 AM] Abbey~: l o l

[3:04:08 AM] Abbey~: you lies right to meagans dads face

[3:04:09 AM] Abbey~: lol

[3:04:14 AM] Meagan: actually no, we’re going to bed

[3:04:18 AM] Meagan: lol you’re trying to help them

[3:04:20 AM] Meagan: aw omfg

[3:04:58 AM] Abbey~: that’s because un like meagan, I have respect for people.

I have more respect for her parents then she does.

[3:05:17 AM] Meagan: get more involved

[3:05:23 AM] Meagan: so you guys will get into trouble too

[3:05:25 AM] Meagan: xx

[3:06:10 AM] Abbey~: karma will hit you so bad in the fucking face one day, just you fucking watch.

[3:06:30 AM] Meagan: for taking meagan into a healthy home

[3:06:33 AM] Meagan: obeying the law

[3:06:42 AM] Meagan: the way we done it

[3:06:43 AM] Meagan: was all legal

[3:06:47 AM] Meagan: and her perants

[3:06:50 AM] Meagan: are

[3:06:50 AM] Meagan: just

[3:06:53 AM] Meagan: lol

[3:06:59 AM] Meagan: and you getting involved

[3:07:00 AM] Meagan: is just

[3:07:01 AM] Meagan: lol

[3:07:04 AM] Abbey~: how did you obey the law

[3:07:12 AM] Meagan: we didn’t kidnap her

[3:07:13 AM] Meagan: she came to us

[3:07:22 AM] Meagan: we took her away from a drug sales home

[3:07:22 AM] Meagan: lol

[3:07:25 AM] Meagan: how is that bad?

[3:07:26 AM] Abbey~: that’s running away.

[3:07:27 AM] Abbey~: HAHAHAH

[3:07:29 AM] Abbey~: REALLY?


[3:07:40 AM] Abbey~: WOW

[3:07:40 AM] Meagan: um

[3:07:40 AM] Meagan: no

[3:07:44 AM] Meagan: she didnt tell me that

[3:07:44 AM] Meagan: lol

[3:07:45 AM] Meagan: its on tape

[3:07:48 AM] Meagan: you idiot

[3:08:03 AM] Abbey~: oh yeah

[3:08:24 AM] Abbey~: so whats going to happen if the police come to your house asking for meagan because her parents are worried?

[3:08:33 AM] Meagan: they’ve come to our house

[3:08:38 AM] Meagan: all they say is

[3:08:41 AM] Meagan: ‘are you okay here?’

[3:08:43 AM] Meagan: ‘okay good’

[3:08:46 AM] Meagan: ‘bye’

[3:08:51 AM] Abbey~: and do they ask why she lives there?

[3:08:57 AM] Meagan: they already know lol

[3:09:09 AM] Abbey~: what did you say?

[3:09:15 AM] Meagan: why would i tell you?

[3:09:31 AM] Abbey~: because you don’t make sense, clearly you’re lying

[3:09:32 AM] Abbey~: lol

[3:09:34 AM] Abbey~: obvious

[3:09:36 AM] Meagan: yes, i’m lying

[3:09:47 AM] Meagan: enjoy the dissapointment

[3:09:50 AM] Abbey~: thanks for admiting it bby

[3:10:10 AM] Meagan: sarcarsm

[3:10:11 AM] Meagan: lol

[3:10:15 AM] Meagan: you use it a lot, you should know

[3:10:24 AM] Meagan: i can’t be proven wrong

[3:10:25 AM] Meagan: when

[3:10:26 AM] Meagan: theres tape

[3:10:28 AM] Meagan: of her dad

[3:10:30 AM] Meagan: with drugs

[3:10:46 AM] Abbey~: what sort of drugs?

[3:10:55 AM] Meagan: marijuana

[3:11:39 AM] Abbey~: and where did he get it?

[3:11:55 AM] Meagan: i’m not telling you

[3:11:59 AM] Meagan: i’m not retarded

[3:12:05 AM] Meagan: you’re just going to tell her parents

[3:12:07 AM] Meagan: goodnight lol xx

[3:12:14 AM] Abbey~: lol

April 14, 2012
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Downing a bottle of liquid courage before a dungeon trawl, eh, Link?
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Gaming Things that make you RAGE #158
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: Keeping the Sol away from Zant’s Hand
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more like gaming things that make you cry.
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So I was playing Twilight Princess the other day, and I had just got to the Master Sword. I went into the temple, stared at it for awhile, and all I could think about was Fi.
I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan of her in Skyward Sword (most of her comments literally insulted my intelligence) but I found her leaving to be one of the saddest scenes out of any Zelda game.
Why? Because she’s so loyal; always serving the Hero, no matter what, or when.
And he doesn’t even know it.
I found this image to be really appropriate. Cred to the original artist.
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